Newsletter #8 18/4/10

Late this week we have officially entered into a NaP with The Ancient Ones (TAO). Who resides mainly in the upper galaxies, they have suggested we work together with each other to bring down stronger foe, an agreement which we support. So any members who come across a TAO player should send in a buddy request and a message introducing yourself etc.

We have also had talks with Top Gun, who are lead by a the former NOB Leader. Although an official NaP could not be agreed, he has suggested we work with his students when ever possible. So I ask that you do not attack them, and encourage you to work with Top Gun members if you come across any.

I am not talking about doing something stupid that is another topic for another day. I am talking about information. This is our most important tool we have in the game, it allows to find out where our enemies are and where our friends are, or just where the rest of the worlds are for that new inactive you just found to farm. We use it when we want to plan an attack on an active player to track all his worlds to know if he is on line or not. Now you are all asking what is this great tool I am talking about well it is our very owen galaxy purser. We just have one big problem with it there are a lot of holes in the mapping so we need everyone to take some time and help to fill in the gaps. You ask how can I know where the gaps are well you just go to the parser and enter your galaxy in the Planet X Co-ord tab and leave the rest of the info empty then press the submit button it will bring up all the worlds that have been done so far find the gaps near you and fill them in using the ‘clicky clicky’ this is a fast and easy way to map the galaxy just follow the simple directions and poof it’s done.
note: those of us still using explorer cant add worlds and need to get a better browser lol
Written by Admiral Nemesis

I’d like to add that even if there are no gaps, this tool needs to be kept updated.

Messages From Ugly Klarg And William Ngo
Unfortunately, new job time constraints have taken Klarg away from a computer during the working hours. This — plus time away from the comp with the Gorgeous Girlfriend — will restrict Klarg’s ability to run missions. However, Sunday nights and Mondays remain intact. Any SWaRM member who needs Klarg’s capital ships may call upon him during those times. Other times, Klarg’s appearance will be sporadic. Sorry for the inconvenience. RL calls.

I am unable to log in during work hour for a while..or maybe permanently during work…with new project assigning to me atm…it kept me away from a computer which restrict me from login in….weekend and during day me at any time i am available…very sorry for the inconvenient…
William Ngo

Commandments of Combat

1: Though shall have no other simulators before
2: Though shalt remember rapid fire.
3: Though shalt use fodder.
4: Though shalt clarify that all attacks are “just business.”
5: Though shalt steal resources.
6: Remember thy Dionysus class and keep it holy.
7: Though shalt raise thy espionage level so that thou’s neighbors cannot bear false witness against thee.
8: Though shalt covet thy neighbors fleets first, then his resources, while being wary of thy defenses that are thy neighbors.
9: Thou shalt apply the cost benefit principal when it comes to hydrogen.
10: Thou shalt use group attacks to hit large targets.

Faster is always better, don’t give them much time to react. This is why Atlas classes are useful.

The Trap
In an attempt to take out a chunk of Pacifists ships in g48, a couple of our members answered a random distress call from a stranger, which turned out to be a trap set by Exiled, the result was a 60million debris field. Needless to say it’s not a good move to defend a stranger.
For their full gloat and the battle reports see the games forum. But most of the other information there is as you’d expect, lies. They tried to pull the same trick with [DOA] and failed.

SWaRM Attacks
Well in a good battle by Command Michail, he managed to acquire 280,245 ore, 63,402 crystal, and 13,652 hydrogen, and a debris field of 2,425,500 ore and 1,239,750 crystal. Not to mention 12k destroyed ships points, for the full report read here

In a hit and run attack by yours truly, I managed to knock a player out the top 1000, was at #901 before and #1046 afterwards. Gained myself a nice score jump and 5.4mil in resources for very little. I did try to practice my anti ninja tactics but failed to send enough probes to get the needed information, my jaw was firmly open at my error. Full report here.

Warlord and William Ngo VS Atreides Empire
Well this battles been a long time coming. So the history.

Long time members of SWaRM will be familiar with dburn and Star Prince David, who took in upon themselves to take out all our members in g23. A counter offensive was launched and all their alliance was taken out over a short period. Now, 5 months later, they come at me every day for a week, so the trap was set over a weekend, but they didn’t fall for it. Myself and will were more than annoyed.

Then today, I come home as usual and do my probings around me before dinner (I have not probed them this year). It’s rare for me to not eat at the pc, and today was one of those times. In the 30 minutes I was gone, they probed me (at a time they have never done before), and launched an attack. Unfortunately noone was around on IRC, and no replies to ingame board, however williamngo replied to my message but his fleet was 11minutes away from being available. Their attack were too far in once his fleet was home. Then a stroke of luck. A third attacker joined and put the attack time up by 14 minutes, enough time to defend.

The outcome was, the attackers lost all 534 prometheus, and gave Warlord a Moon.

There now float 12,783,900 ore and 9,542,700 crystal at this location.
A new moon has formed from the wreckage.

For the full report, read here

My thanks again to will for his sacrifices. That’s another one I owe you my friend.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Ace Harbinger join the command team, he assumes the role of Diplomacy and Recruitment Officer.

This week has also seen Manuk, a recent addition to our ranks be promoted to SWaRMcore for his efforts and support in recent times. Congrats, keep it up.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank
Thank you to everyone, we are now over 10million in points.

Overall: #36
Fleet: #33
Destroyed Ships: #39

Top1000 Club
This week the list of top1000 club members has been somewhat shortened by the Exiled trap and extended business trips.
#351 Warlord Supreme
#412 William Ngo
#437 Klarg
#613 Jack Ass
#780 Admiral_Nemesis

An Interview With Clem
[18:50] evening clem
[18:50] afternoon Tyr;)
[18:51] oo a sitting fleet, battle time 🙂
[18:51] so how long you been with SWaRM?
[18:51] almost as long as I’ve been playing Starfleet, since around Chistmas or so
[18:52] I guess that’s 4 months
[18:53] you joined us as part of a merger didnt you
[18:53] yes I was leader of the small Ellisvillian Tigers alliance in G48, a good bunch of guys:)
[18:54] 3 are now in the top 1,000 and SWaRM members and I think another is leading SWaRM in Extremem:)
[18:54] not bad for a 14 member allaince;)
[18:54] certainly a merger that has server both parties well
[18:55] I still remember when you and Alexei probed me, I scanned over to see who did it, saw your ranks and thought “well I’ve had a good run… I’m about to go down”
[18:56] You guys were the first players to probe me who i didn;t lay the smack down on;)
[18:56] lol and that was when we all much smaller
[18:56] I think Alexei was about 5,000 and you were around 1,000 … it’s funny, now I see those ranks and think “farm”
[18:57] 🙂
[18:57] 😀
[18:57] So, when do that hard probing personal questions start? 😉
[18:57] haha
[19:00] you got any medical issues with ur backside?
[19:00] 🙂 None that I know of 😉
[19:01] glad to hear it, poor steven
[19:01] Although my planets get probed frequently!
[19:03] lol
[19:03] so how do you find life in command?
[19:04] Well, I lead a very busy actual life so sometimes it is tough to keep up with the NAP disscussions etc. Especially with guys like New Hope who seem to swap out Diplo officers every few days!
[19:05] I like to see the newer guys who join SWaRM and jump in coordinating attacks etc.
[19:05] yeh that was a ballache for all concerned
[19:05] indeed we had a few good recruits from SST recently
[19:06] I have a very nice fleet in G48 that is ready to help pop a big guy, but I don;t usually have the time to scout for online / offline times and coordinate toehrs etc.:)
[19:06] So any of you G48 guys, just name the time and place and what you need em to send and I can assist:)
[19:07] im a hit and run kinda player, dont see the point in sitting home with my fleet to scout out players for days
[19:07] i see a fleet, i take it out, if i fail i fail, theres always next time
[19:07] yeah I just recently started trying that, drop a plaent far away with a fleet headed there at 10% speed and then decimate the locals and dissapear:)
[19:08] does cost Hydro though!
[19:08] yeh it does
[19:08] usually worth it tho
[19:09] im definetly gonna have to go to 27 again sometime, pickings were good tehre
[19:10] any discussion with other alliances going on at the minute?
[19:10] right now I’m just focusing on owning my part of 48:)
[19:10] not at the moment, YO (40 memeber G48 allaince) asked for a NAP (they were harrassing some SWaRM guys so I took one of them out)
[19:10] but I enjoyed taking the one out so much I just decided to keep taking them out:)
[19:11] a fair move, we dont really need to be NaPing with anyone in 48
[19:12] they are all ranked between the mid-thousands and aroudn 40,000 or so, prime feeding grounds:)
[19:12] sounds good
[19:13] Well since you insist on asking about the personal info: I’m 30 years old, 5 kids, live in Central texas and work for AMD;)
[19:14] so you can get us some experimental hardware 😀
[19:14] hehehehe there is a reason it’s called “experimental” 🙂
[19:14] i.e. the bugs haven’t been fixed yet;)
[19:15] well some not so experimental stuff then
[19:16] 🙂 They make us buy it just like regular folks 🙂
[19:16] damnit
[19:17] and i suggest you keep your manhood in your trousers pal, 5 kids at 30, you could be at 12 by the time your 45
[19:17] lol
[19:18] Thus my lack of time for night time starfleet attacks;)
[19:18] hahahahaha
[19:18] Besides, I have to build the numbers for the Next Generation of SWaRM:)
[19:18] sounds good to me 😀
[19:18] make sure they include the relevant info when they apply 😀
[19:20] 🙂
[19:20] so weve had a NaP request from TAO, whats the procedure?
[19:21] Well, we try and get one of our Diplo officers in touch with their leader or diplo officer and try and find out more about them
[19:21] if they are a small aliiance we try and pursue a merger first, we also want other details about where they are generally located, game philosophy etc.
[19:22] We also get a post on our officers forum disscussing it in case they have been aggressive with us in the past etc.
[19:22] so who decides if the NaP goes through>
[19:24] in the end, after we gather the info it comes down to a vote by the officers. If they are generally cooperative, of decent size, and in an area of the galaxy where we could potentially use assistance or have low ranked memebers the NAP will probably go through:)
[19:24] if they have attacked us in the past, are small in numbers, don’t seem very serious about the game, or are in an area where we are already getting short on farming targets the NAP probably won;t go through:)
[19:25] seems simple enough
[19:26] Well, this isn’t Rocket Surgery or Brain Science:)
[19:27] has to be done properly though, incase things turn bad
[19:28] 🙂
[19:29] whats going on with PACIFIST atm, seems he back to hunting us down
[19:29] Pacifist is a strange creature
[19:30] he is what I would call “hot headed” and takes offense really easily (to which he reponds with ships and attacks etc.)
[19:31] Although when you piss him off (probing him or ignoring him when he tells you to leave a friend of his alone) he usually doesn;t strike back at you (if you’re strong) but instead lashes out at any weak allaince members affiliated with you
[19:31] and people call me a coward lol
[19:32] When I lead the failed attack against him some time ago (failed by 15 minutes!) he never attacked me or other other high ranking participants back, instead he systematically wiped out all the low level SWaRM guys in the area.
[19:33] well we have an oracle in the area now, so ninja strikes will soon me a possibility
[19:34] when i was persistant, (continuously slow probe atatcked his planets with attack times in the week range, sent my fleet against his a couple of times to make him fleet save etc) he eventually started talking to me and recognized that I wasn;t scared of him and struck up a diolog
[19:34] which lead to the now by the wayside verbal NAP
[19:35] if he were a reasonable person we could soon redo that agreement, but the chances are slim
[19:35] yeah I’m excited about Angelo’s new moon:) Although he’ll have to get it to a pretty high level to be able to watch pacifist (~40 systems away)
[19:36] well im sure you, jack and the others in the area can assist him
[19:36] I’m sure Angelo will take donations to help offset the cost of the higher oracle levels;)
[19:38] oh, I just realized Angelos an ex-Tiger also, what an merger for SWaRM;)
[19:39] most of the stronger guys in 48 are
[19:40] there were only a small group of us in 48 when you joined us
[19:40] namely alexei and stu
[19:49] Alexei recruited me, to bad he’s gone now:(
[19:49] you and me both
[19:50] hmm i read that line, replied to it, re-read it, and you didnt say what i thought you
[19:50] did
[19:51] man i really need some sleep
[19:51] think im gonna fleetsave a few hours early 2nite
[19:51] I think we said the same thing:) That we both miss Alexei:)
[19:51] yeah 🙂
[19:52] ive known him for a long time, was nice having him close to me again
[19:53] well time for me to head to the Gym and pump Iron with Ace, Eric Sloan and Timmy Tebow:) Getting SWaRM stronger in real life;)
[19:54] enjoy 🙂
[19:54] Later:)

Next week, it’s My turn to take the spotlight.


Thanks to Admiral Nemesis for his contributions this week.

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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