Newsletter #9 24/04/10

This week has seen Dai Vader disband his alliance, not sure where they have gone, but the NaP is no longer in effect.

We are also looking into ending a couple of current NaPs that are of no benefit to us. And it’s time we added a few new NaP’s to strengthen ourselves in newer areas. Any suggestions, send them to me and we’ll look into it.

Stupid Stupid Mistakes
Unfortunately this section makes its unwelcomed yet welcomed return this week.

This is one of the funniest yet, but still not funny!!! Poor StevenTurk did his nightly fleetsave only to come online the following day to see a message in his inbox, a message with the details of a transport. It turns out that poor Steven had hit the transport button, sending his hard earned resources to a nearby d mode player of unknown alliegence. It pays to doube and triple check fleetsaves.

Zaphod Vs. Falcor
I’m sure most people, by now, know I have lost 2 fleets to random drunken outings on the weekend. The second one, fortunately, gave me a moon. That moon was given to me by 2 members of the Falcor alliance, Jeff Baran and Tarah Scott. When they did so, Tarah Scott hadn’t yet joined Falcor and was in AdAstra. But that’s neither here, nor there.

After I got my moon to the proper level, I kept an eye on everything Jeff Baran and his bitch of a girlfriend were doing. Not much was going on, but I did find some of their other planets in other galaxies, as well as many of their alliance mates (check the parser, I added them). Eventually, I saw Jeff moving some ships out to his home system, near a guy named I AM WILLIAM WALLACE, ~rank 350-400, from A New Hope. I let him know the ships were heading out there and he said he would try and take them out and get me a finder’s fee. Apparently, they were a little too cautious and kept their fleets saved ALL the time. Damn, no luck.

Just last week, I saw him moving some ships to another planet of his, not near William Wallace. I searched for members of decent sized alliances and high individual ranks. I got responses Reinhard from Pug and Cmd. Julie from PASTA. I told them the arrival time of the ships and what was going out there. Apparently they have a friend nearby with a moon, so they started watching that planet. Sure enough, they managed to catch Jeff’s fleet 7 seconds after it arrived. The WHOLE fleet. I got this message from Cmdr. Julie:

To: Zaphod Beeblebrax
This should make you happy:

In the attack from Corona [26:254:7] on Pelorum [26:263:15]:

The attacking side acquired 489,222 ore, 83,635 crystal, and 58,940 hydrogen.

There now float 6,099,300 ore and 3,790,950 crystal at this location.
There’s a 20.0% chance that a moon will form from the debris.
However, no moon formed.

We just wiped the floor with Jeff Baran. 😀

After that, Jeff Baran left Falcor and deleted most of this planets. He was in the low 2k rank and is now #4,988 and hasn’t had a * next to him other than people probing him. Just goes to show you… sometimes you can get your revenge without using/losing a single ship.
Article By Zaphod

Galaxy Parser
Not sure how many folks use it or update it, but it really does pay off when you find a new (id). Having found a new (id) near one of my colonies I was annoyed to see I’d been beaten to it. But I checked the parser and found he had another 5 planets in the same galaxy, too far for me, but Zaphod was on hand to take advantage.
The attacking side acquired 450,000 ore, 150,000 crystal, and 93,020 hydrogen. There now float 347,100 ore and 310,650 crystal at this location. You lost: Athena x1, Hercules x6, Artemis x26
The attacking side acquired 300,000 ore, 450,000 crystal, and 75,000 hydrogen. There now float 215,400 ore and 217,500 crystal at this location. You lost: Hercules x1, Artemis x23, Atlas x10
The attacking side acquired 442,900 ore, 300,000 crystal, and 75,000 hydrogen. There now float 172,500 ore and 173,700 crystal at this location. You lost: Atlas x31, Artemis x17

Ore: 1,927,900
Crystal: 1,601,850
Hydrogen: 243,020

So if noone had updated the parser for that area, then I wouldn’t have found the target, and Zaphod may well have missed the chance to get first pickings. So please, make use of this fantastic tool, and please please, update it as much as you can. I have updated all of g23 in the last two days. g48 really really needs to be updated.

Buddy List Update
Our memberbase changes on a regular basis, I kick a lot of people for breaking rules and going (i). Many of whom go and join other alliances. But it seems people do not bother to check who they send mass messages to. This is a war game, and information and strategy are vital parts of war. So to see important messages going to our ‘enemies’ as well as our members is nothing short of shocking.

So either remove none allies from your buddy list, or double check who your sending information too.

This is not a joke, this is not a laughing matter, this is survival.

A more than slightly annoyed,

SWaRM Attacks
Theres been some interesting battles this week. A new farm in g76, a big group effort in g48 and another big boom in g23.
Tacoman found himself a nice new farm and netted an impressive 2,754,619. Nice one!!! Report here.

A big group attack in g48 involving, Command Michail, Rob Gale, Clemenceau and Jack Ass made a big boom, The attacking side acquired 468,202 ore, 389,419 crystal, and 70,149 hydrogen. There now float 2,122,200 ore and 1,491,750 crystal at this location. Shame that a moon formed though. Report here.

And in reforming one of SWaRMs oldest tag teams, myself and Will made an 11mil debris field in g23. Was nice to fight a big battle with you again my friend, I look forward to many more. But next time lets not waste so many artemis lol. Report here.

I know that a lot more battles go on than this, and I’d love to read some more battle reports. So when you attack and have a good outcome, post the battle report on the forum, but try and make it readable.

Battle Reports
Been nice to see a few more people sharing battle reports this week. However I would like them in a decent format, those using Internet Explorer cannot just copy and paste the report to the forum as IE does not copy the names of pictures in the same way that Chrome of Firefox do. And a long list of random number is of no use to anyone. So either change to a proper browser, or do it the old fashioned way.

Those using Chrome of Firefox should try using the Excel Spreadsheet I made that removes all the numbers about hull and shield totals. It turns all the ‘random numbers’ into a more copyable and readable version.

So please try and make them readable, noone wants to read something that is impossible to understand.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Neil Jani (Eragon) choose to leave SWaRM. He has decided to go on a one man rampage and does not want to drag SWaRM into his wars. He continues to play with SWaRM Ex and left us on good terms, should anyone come across any of his planets, please refrain from attacking him.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Diplomotic Officer, responsible for talks regarding NaP’s, Wars and Mergers.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank

Overall: #36
Fleet: #33
Destroyed Ships: #38

To put our rank into context, many of the alliances closely above us may be above us on score, but their member counts are far higher.
#35 – Jedi Council, 300 members
#34 – The Futurists, 531 members
#32 – The Outer Frontier, 259 members
#31 – Minutemen – 289 members

So congratulations to all, for showing that numbers are not the only way to succeed.

Top1000 Club
This week has seen Eric rejoin the illustrious Top1000 club.
337 Warlord Supreme
366 William Ngo
476 Klarg
491 Jack Ass
831 Admiral_Nemesis
952 Eric Sloan

We have a further 7 players getting ever closer to the Top1000, and in a of egging them on, I’ll now be writing about the Top2000 Club as well.

1,388 Peter Griffin 783370
1,424 Commander Michail
1,762 Rogrog (d)
1,772 Clemenceau
1,775 Zaphod Beeblebrax
1,811 Dead Meat
1,851 Sting Sinclair

An Interview With Warlord
[20:44] Hello
[20:44] evenin mate
[20:45] Ok first lets set the record straight how old are you? A member of SWaRM once told me you were an old retired guy from the UK..
[20:45] lol i wish that were true, would be able to play more often then 😛
[20:45] 23 in june
[20:46] i expect gifts 😀
[20:46] I have a June birthday also
[20:46] great time to have a birthday, good weather (sometimes) and as far away as you can be from xmas 😀
[20:47] Ok… We have all read that this is one of many incarnations of SWaRM did you start this round of SFC with the idea of starting SWaRM again…
[20:48] Mine is the 13th BTW
[20:48] like many others I saw the advert on facebook, wasnt looking to get addicted to anything or to run anything like SWaRM again.
[20:49] but i started playin an enjoyed it, so i invited a few old mates to play (insom and slehiac, who i know from school)
[20:49] How long ago was this? When did you start playing again?
[20:49] so i started up SWaRM, and invited a few around me in g23
[20:49] that was probably september/october time
[20:50] one thing led to another, and here we are lol
[20:51] Ok Im being outed in this weeks Newsletter for a big Homer Simpson DOOHHHH! Moment…. Im not going down alone what is the biggest gaff you have done inSFC?
[20:53] has to be my ruined deployment to g27
[20:53] a whole 800k hydro down the drain because i forgot to hit deploy
[20:53] ouch
[20:53] was not amused lol
[20:54] I wasnt amused by mine and worse the guy hasnt even said thank you:P
[20:54] ungrateful sod
[20:55] One of the things that interests me about the game is that we have folks from all over the world for the record where are you from in the UK?
[20:55] Telford, about 45minutes from Birmingham
[20:55] Yep it was like mana from heaven 😛
[20:56] Have you had any ash fallout from the valcano I heard the wind sent it toward the UK
[20:57] not this far inland no
[20:59] As I understand it we have people from all over the states we have members in Italy, Norway, France, Canada, even an American in Dubai…
[20:59] we do, nice to talk with people from all over the world
[21:01] I enjoy it also. I understand that you take weekends off from the game often someone said that you ride bikes… With the difference in slag is that pedal powered or motorbikes…
[21:01] (slang)
[21:01] i spend weekends with the gf
[21:01] so my access to a pc is somewhat random
[21:02] so my fleet spends the weekend on shore leave and i do the newsletter and such
[21:03] im a cyclist of the push variety, did a 112(ish) mile ride from my house to aberystwyth in wales once, that was a great crack
[21:03] BTW Brits speaking of slang dont come to the USA and ask to smoke a fag… unless you want to… It has a completely different meaning here,:P
[21:03] lol
[21:04] great crack=great time?
[21:04] yeh
[21:05] What do you envision for SWaRM say in the next three months?
[21:07] well hopefully the last of the tech will be done, the officer roster will be up to full strength, and we’ll be at about 200 active members and top20
[21:08] Sounds like a good goal for us.
[21:09] obviously I expect to do far better than that
[21:09] 😛
[21:09] ahaha
[21:10] So whats next for the Warlords traveling and plundering fleet?
[21:10] would like to see more folk join us in the top1000 as well.
[21:11] well with my moon building quickly i’ll soon be back in g23 trapping fleets with the oracle I hope
[21:11] Im working on it myself… Maybe in a few weeks I can get there.
[21:11] but in the mean time im going to lower end of 23 i think
[21:12] might go a roadshow soon to take out the zeus people have found recently
[21:13] gonna need a lot of hydro though
[21:13] BTW Im about half way through recruiting in G23 they dont seem to want to join us as much there. Maybe you can show some of them the error of their ways…
[21:13] sure, send me a list lol
[21:14] Yep Im collecting my own stockpile of Hydro for my own move. It takes alot of hydro to move big fleets…
[21:15] once im pulled back to g23 i’ll put my resources back into upping my hydro mines
[21:15] busy rebuilding my fleet atm lol
[21:16] Well I outed your for your worst mistake tell me about your biggest success in
[21:16] SFC
[21:16] Was it killing the Zeus?
[21:17] hmm, its between the zeus kill with klarg and the ninja defend with will against the biggest collection of proms ive ever come across
[21:18] had some good battles over the months
[21:18] last weeks one against a top1000 player was nice too
[21:19] I cant let the interview end without giving you a chance to proclaim the importance of the use of the forum and IRC/Chat…
[21:20] hahaha
[21:20] if your online, be on irc, chances are you’ll grow faster if your there
[21:20] 😀
[21:20] we do a lot of attacks through irc without publicity
[21:21] Anything else you would like to add?
[21:21] the forum is full of useful info, and a good chance for people who cant use irc to get to know other players
[21:21] like you said, we have players from all over the globe playing with us
[21:22] seems a shame to not have a chat
[21:24] Ive had some really neat chats about politics and sports in chat… I too would like to invite all our members to drop in…
[21:25] dont suppose you know where the remote for me xbox is do you?
[21:25] the adverts before this dvd are annoying me
[21:26] No,,, I dont…

Next week, it’s William Ngos’ turn to take the spotlight.


This may be the last weekly edition, I’m toying with the idea of doing a fortnightly version as it’s getting harder to fill a newsletter each week. So either people start posting up stuff for me to use more frequently, be it battle reports or interesting stories, or I’ll start doing this less often. Your choice folks…

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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